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The Benefits of Installing a Car Charger

Installing a car charger can provide numerous benefits. It can help reduce emissions by allowing drivers to use electric vehicles, while also providing a convenient way to charge devices on the go. Additionally, it can help reduce fuel costs and extend the life of a vehicle’s battery.

Multiple Benefits of Light Up Toys for Children

Lifting Spirits With darkness falling earlier and earlier, we need a dazzling light show to lighten our spirits. Meteor Storm does that and more. Spinning, bright colored lights in ever changing patterns attract our attention. Captivated, we watch the show and feel our tension slip away. We’re lighter in spirit, more joyful. Other light up […]

Developing Math Awareness and So Much More

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. That got me to thinking about ways children learn mathematical concepts during play and through daily activities, observations, and conversations. Consider the infant gazing intently at the face of the person cuddling her. The human face is intriguing, each unique yet sharing similar features in a particular order. […]

How to Choose The Best Toy

Looking for the Best Toy?  Customers sometimes ask me to recommend the best toy for their child or grandchild, particularly if the child has a special need. Many begin the conversation by sharing a diagnosis. While valuable, this information only addresses one aspect of who the child is. To answer the question, we need to […]

Children Learn While Playing

Play is essential. Children learn while playing, and we adults do irreparable damage to children when we ignore this truth. By play, I mean self-directed, open-ended exploration and discovery. When playing, children use of what’s available, decide what they want to do, and put their energy into doing it. When a challenge arises, they assess […]